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Moskovyan Passage

Elite Residential Complex

Moscovyan Passage elite residential complex is a unique architectural structure with a harmonious combination of Tamanyan style ornaments and modern architecture.

The residential part of complex includes 4 - 13 floors. The complex has 52 apartments, the surface areas of them starts from 113 sq m and reaches up to 500 sq m.

The building has 4 residential entrances, two from Moskovyan Street, the other two from Spendiaryan.

There are 2 apartments on each floor of each entrance, except for Moscovyan 1st entrance, where there is 1 apartment on each floor

Building Structure

Floor -3, -2, -1 Parking:
The -1 floor is intended for commercial premises and the floors -2 and -3 are for residents.
Floor -2 Winery:
The Winery is located on the -2 floor of the complex and is intended only for building’s residents.
Floor 1, 2, 3 Commercial Area:
The first three floors of the complex are provided to VTB Bank Armenia head office.
Floor 8 Moskovyan Balkon Restaurant:
Having a capacity of 300 people, the restaurant is open all year round and is intended for large family and corporate events.
Floor 14 Gym:
The Gym is planned to build on the 14th floor and is intended only for building’s residents.

About our Company

The building was constructed due to joint initiative of the following companies “AIG” / Russian Federation/, “Lasker Limited”/ Republic of Cyprus/ and “Ak And Ak Building Technologies Limited”/ United Kingdom/.

Although the construction had yet started in 2006, the final appearance was given to the building in 2012.

The building is already in use.

Unique Services

Тhe building has 24-hours security system with video-surveillance cameras.

Тhe Complex has two big enameled water reservoirs and an automatic water pump, which ensures uninterrupted water supply.

The external walls has a thickness of 80cm, the building has sound-thermal insulation standards. Тhe thickness of walls between apartments is 90cm.

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